This and That {Last minute gift shopping anyone?}


Hey kids! Time for another This & That type of post. Just a random hodge podge of things I’ve come across that have been interesting this past week. In fact, quite a few of these are gift related, so if you’re in a pinch and looking for last minute gift ideas, you may find this post useful.

I never know what to get my step mom. My dad is easy—he’s restoring a 1969 mustang, so for the next few years he’ll be covered because I’ll pick up mustang odds and ends for him. But my step mom—it’s always a struggle.

I recently started reading Parents magazine again. (I thought I should brush up on cool things to do with little ones) And who knew it would help me with the ever challenging gift giving for my mom?! I think it was an article referencing kitchen gadgets, and one of the items was this:


A flip stand recipe keeper from Kitchen Kapers. Talk about perfect! It’s a pretty stand that will easily hold internet print-outs and magazine pages of your favorite recipes. It even has tabs for different categories such as desserts and side dishes, etc. I knew this would be perfect for my mom because she loves to cook for my dad and is always printing out new recipes.

As soon as it arrived I wished I’d gotten one for myself, and I plan to after the holidays. I also want to get myself a Cuisinart Griddler.


I was sold when it mentioned being able to make paninis. Sign. Me. Up. Who else is guilty of doing more shopping for themselves then usual during the holiday season? *raises hand*


Another cool DIY gift idea was one that my friend Erica posted a few days ago—a DIY Medal & Bib holder for the runners in your life.


In other random news……..


I finally scheduled a tour of the hospital for Alfie, Kenzer and I. Even though I’ve been in this hospital many times before, I think I’ll feel better if we take a tour of where we’ll go, what our room will look like, etc. etc.

I also scheduled a refresher breastfeeding class for myself. It’s been 10 years since I’ve nursed, and I want to feel up to date on everything. (I’ve never considered myself this huge “planner”, but perhaps I’m becoming one!?)


Last but certainly not least—I went to my first yoga class in forever last evening at Studio B……….

studio b power yoga


It was nothing short of AWESOME! And I loved Anne. I can’t wait to share more about it with you on Friday.

Baby Update: 27 Weeks!


One of my colleagues shared this video with me yesterday. She said every time she sees it she thinks of me. I died laughing and probably watching it 5 times in a row. I only HOPE I looked that cute this past Saturday on the dance floor. ha ha But it was still a compliment that someone thinks of me when they see it.


I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but I’m shocked at how fast this pregnancy is going. I still feel really good and hope I can still say that when I enter the 3rd trimester after next week. [Continue reading…]

Weekend on the Go


  How about some marvelousness to start off this Monday?! This was a weekend on the go. One of the busiest I’ve had in a long time! Friday was a blur, and I can’t quite remember what I did with myself when I got home from work. But I know I went to bed early […]

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This & That {Winter Wonderland}


  Hello!! Time for another This & That post!   THIS: We woke up this morning to a winter wonderland (and a two hour delay for Kenzer) I absolutely LOVE this weather. Especially when you get to stay home. I’m not a fan of driving in it, but at least we were able to start […]

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Baby Update: 26 Weeks {In a Bit of Freak Out Mode}


  It’s baby update time my friends!! 26 weeks here we are! I’ve been in a bit of a freak out mode this week. On one hand I’m SO excited to meet Baby Albright, and on the other I wonder if I’m ready. A friend had her little over the other day, ages 2 and […]

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Weekend in Review – Our First Tree


  Hi Friends! Is anyone else shocked that we’re only 17 days away from Christmas?! With Thanksgiving being late this year it’s thrown off my entire schedule. I mentioned last week that I feel a little guilty that we didn’t put our tree up yet. Thankfully that’s been accomplished, but not without a few “Clark […]

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Baby Update – 25 Weeks


  I’m feeling slightly guilty that we haven’t gotten our tree yet when I’m seeing all the pictures around the web of all the beautiful Christmas trees! We’re headed to the local tree farm on Friday to pick ours out, get it home and decorate. In the meantime, we at least have our mantel ready! […]

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6 At-Home Workout Essentials


  Being well in to my 2nd trimester, I’m finding it quite challenging to do little things—like shave my legs. But that doesn’t mean I’m not trying to keep up with a fitness routine! I’ve been learning to appreciate the at-home workout more and more since hanging up my running shoes after my half marathon […]

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First Thanksgiving in our Forever Home


  Hi friends! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and are fully embracing your fat pants today. Yesterday was very special for us. We had our very first Thanksgiving in our home. AND I made my very first Thanksgiving turkey! I’m pretty impressed with myself and how this turkey turned out! First I brined […]

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Let the “detox talk” begin……..


  Happy Thanksgiving week my friends!! Thank you for all the well wishes on yesterday’s post!   Thanksgiving will be here in two days, and you know what THAT means!! In about three days we’ll be seeing all sorts of advertisements and articles on detoxing after the over-indulgence. If you’ve read this blog for any […]

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